94.3MY FM’s unique initiative on Earth Day :Video

94.3MY FM's unique initiative on Earth Day

Raipur, (The states.News) Not only has the pace of spread of the corona virus slowed due to the lock-down going on in India for almost a month, but nature has also seen its positive effects.

 India’s cold air has become cleaner than before, the water from the rivers which were deodorant due to pollution has become potable, this one month lock down has really rejuvenated the nature and the nature is much better than before Has gone, and that’s why on World Earth Day, My FM gave a message to take an oath that as soon as the lock down is over and we return to our normal life, keep in mind that the earth is still like Remain the same, that the level of pollution should work, we should not pollute the rivers back now, do not spread the dirt.

On this occasion, My FM created a special pledge frame, in which people spread their hands, took their photo, put it in that frame and posted it on Facebook and it became this and the biggest on-line human chain My FM lock down before it started. The slogan is to fight and stay home without meeting, under the same My FM has created this biggest online human series.
So you also take a pledge to make the Earth better on this Earth Day….

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