Be it son or daughter, both should be educated: Draupadi Murmu

Lucknow (| President Draupadi Murmu on Monday said the government wants to ensure that no section of society is left behind in the race for development and that everyone progresses. Interacting with the people of the Buxa tribe while distributing forest rights letters in Lucknow, the President said, “UP has 25 crore residents, but only the Buxa group has been called because the government wants to ensure that no section of society is left behind. Everyone should move forward. Every child should get the facility to study, get educated and progress financially.”

She said the government wants the Buxa community to make progress because they are lagging in all spheres, including social, economic and educational development.The President said, “When I was the Governor, I asked the government to bring the tribes forward. There is a lot of work going on for them. Schools and colleges are opening. If the beginning is good, then all the problems will also be solved.”

Referring to a documentary shown during the programme, she said, “Now is the era of technology. From the video, we learn that there is a hostel for female students and that there are cycles arranged for people leaving and arriving from their homes. The Musahar tribe resides in the forests. They cannot join the PM Awas Yojana because they do not have their own land.” She said education is critical, stressing the need for educating both sons and daughters.

The President said having a home is necessary for sustaining life. “The number of girl children is rising everywhere, and some of you have become panchayat leaders and committee members. Tribals will undoubtedly advance from this point on,” she said. The President said there should be a desire to advance. “You should have a powerful mindset. A boost in spirit is necessary. I will speak to the government about opening schools nearby if necessary. Now Eklavya schools have been opened.”

Draupadi Murmu said, “Children need to participate in the competition. Your children should stand up alongside the kids from different communities. You should also run on that path. We are tribals, we won’t get left behind, we’ll also be powerful and we’ll also grow. This is how one should think.” The President said, “Your governor travels from village to village. Many villages have adopted Anganwadi centers. Talks have been held with the Chief Minister and ministers. They are trying to bring forward the society that is lagging behind. The road ahead would be great.”

Speaking further, the President said they should also continue doing their traditional works (farming, animal husbandry). “For economic development, the government offers cooperation. Since improvement is the only way to advance, we ought to strive for it. You should continue to develop step by step and shoulder to shoulder since you have a bright future ahead of you. There are efforts being made by the government, but you should also keep working,” she said.

Governor Anandi Ben Patel and Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Social Welfare Aseem Arun presented mementos made by tribal groups to President Draupadi Murmu. A documentary on the Buxa tribe was also screened in the program by the Directorate, Tribal Development Department.(UNI)