Jindal Steel will facilitate special coal to Sponge Iron producers

  • Mozambique Steam Coal (Grade VT-1) is suitable for DRI and Power Plant
  • This Coal is an energy saver, and highly productive with 57% fixed carbon content
  • Low carbon emission and lower wastage, helps to increase Kiln’s productivity and lifespan

Raipur, (thestates.news)| Given the coal deficiency in the non-regulated sectors across the country Jindal Steel & Power (JSP), a company headed by renowned industrialist Mr. Naveen Jindal has introduced special coal to benefit Sponge Iron producers in Chhattisgarh. It will help in low Co2 emission as well as increase the productivity and lifespan of kilns.

In a meeting of Sponge Iron industrialists held here at a hotel, CEO (Steel) of JSP Mr. DK Saraogi said that following the path shown by founder Chairman Sh. OP Jindal Ji, our Chairman Mr. Naveen Jindal believes in encouraging industries through material & new technologies. Since there is a coal deficiency, Jindal Steel has come up with a special variety of coal Mozambique Steam Coal (Grade VT-1) to meet the requirements of the Sponge Iron Industries. He said that Mozambique Steam Coal (Grade VT-1) is a Non-Coking Thermal Coal, which is suitable for Kiln in sponge iron production. It plays a dual role by generating heat energy and also works as a reducing agent. The fixed carbon content of this coal is 57 percent, which makes it more productive and also saves 5 percent energy. It has an ash content of 24.2 percent and is also suitable for thermal power plants.

Mozambique Steam Coal (Grade VT-1) increases the productivity of the kiln by 6 percent and prolongs the kiln’s lifespan. In addition, it uses 6 percent less coal and generates up to 8 percent less solid waste. After using this coal, it was seen that the emission of carbon dioxide is 5 percent less.

Speaking on this occasion, President Mr. Pradeep Tandon said that Jindal Steel & Power has a major contribution to the development of DRI technology. The company believes in innovation and is contributing significantly to building a self-reliant India by using & sharing new materials & technologies with industries. National Brand Manager Rohit Lamba said that JSP’s products have a good reputation in the market and our brand has a unique position internationally in terms of quality. The program was attended by Sponge Iron entrepreneurs including senior officers like Ramkishore, UP Singh, and others from JSP.