AIIMS constitutes panel to safeguard its estate assets

New Delhi (|AIIMS Delhi on Thursday said it has constituted an Estate Protection Committee to safeguard its valuable estate assets against any “encroachment and unauthorised occupation”. “With a vast land area of over 500 acres across its various campuses, AIIMS Delhi is committed to safeguarding its valuable estate assets against encroachment and unauthorised occupation. A committee to protect the state was formed by the Director,” an official said.

The official said, ‘ The primary mandate of the committee is to ensure the protection of AIIMS estate assets. To fulfil this objective, the committee will conduct regular inspections of all its campuses every month. By closely monitoring the utilisation of land assets, the committee aims to prevent encroachments and unauthorised occupation effectively.”

Apart from that, the panel will be empowered to collaborate and coordinate with statutory agencies, the police department, and the district administration. This collaboration will enable the committee to take appropriate actions for the removal or prevention of any encroachments or unauthorised occupations, the official added. Meanwhile, AIIMS Delhi Director Dr M Srinivas in a statement said, “AIIMS remains committed to ensuring the security and integrity of its estate assets. By establishing the Estate Protection Committee, we aim to enhance the protection of our valuable land holdings and preserve them for the benefit of our patients, medical professionals, and research endeavours”.(UNI)