Alumni Meet at MATS School of Education, MATS University

Raipur(thestates.news) |The MATS School of Education at MATS University  organized an Alumni Meet on 17th June 2023, which proved to be a memorable event for all the attendees. The gathering witnessed a remarkable turnout, with a significant number of alumni and current students enthusiastically participating in the event. The prestigious occasion was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor  of MATS UNIVERSITY Prof. K.P. Yadav sir, Registrar Shri. Gokulananda Panda  sir and Principal of MATS College Dr.A.J. Khan sir.

The Alumni Meet was held at MATS University, providing an ideal platform for alumni from various batches to reconnect and reminisce about their time at the institution. The event commenced with a warm welcome followed by a vibrant and energetic opening address by  Prof. Parvinder Hanspal, the coordinator of MATS School of Education. Her words evoked nostalgia and a sense of pride in all those who were present.

Hon’ble, Vice Chancellor Prof. K.P. Yadav, delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of education and its impact on society. He commended the alumni for their achievements and the positive influence they have had in their respective fields. Prof. Yadav also lauded the efforts of the MATS School of Education in providing quality education and nurturing future leaders in the field of education.

Registrar, Shri Gokulananda Panda, expressed his delight at witnessing the vibrant and enthusiastic alumni community. He highlighted the role of alumni in shaping the reputation of an institution and encouraged them to continue their association with MATS University, contributing to its growth and development. He suggested that social media platforms can play a very significant role in connecting alumni worldwide. Prof A.J Khan sir also showered his blessings and motivated alumni and students.

The Alumni Meet included interactive sessions, where alumni shared their experiences and success stories, providing valuable insights to the current students.
As the Alumni Meet drew to a close, there was a sense of gratitude and nostalgia in the air. The event successfully rekindled the spirit of camaraderie and pride among the alumni, fostering stronger connections between the university and its former students. The Principal of MSED Prof. Sanjeet Tiwari expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the attendees, acknowledging their contributions to the success of the event.