Anurag Thakur accuses Cong govt of prior knowledge in Prajwal scandal

New Delhi (| Union Minister Anurag Thakur raised serious allegations on Tuesday, suggesting that the timing of the emergence of controversial video clips featuring NDA parliamentary candidate Prajwal Revanna indicates prior knowledge by the Congress government in Karnataka.
Thakur questioned why the government allowed Prajwal, amidst the scandal, to travel abroad.
Expressing strong disapproval towards the Congress party’s alleged inaction, Thakur emphasised that the BJP condemns such behavior unequivocally.
Prajwal, the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, faced suspension from JDS after explicit video clips purportedly involving him surfaced in Hassan recently.
Thakur criticised the Congress, asserting, “The suspicious timing of the release of these video clips strongly suggests that the Congress government in Karnataka was aware of their existence beforehand. Their failure to take prompt action raises serious questions about their intentions. It appears evident that the Congress sought to exploit this situation for political gain.”
Questioning the motives behind the delay in action against Prajwal, the senior BJP leader demanded an explanation from the Congress government in Karnataka. He further queried why Prajwal was permitted to travel abroad amidst the scandal and why strict measures were not taken against him.

Highlighting the importance of upholding law and order, Thakur reiterated the BJP’s stance on women’s issues, underlining the party’s commitment to women-led development and the enactment of the women’s reservation law. He emphasised the necessity for stringent action in this case, advocating for the law to take its course. (UNI)