Any challenge can be braved with positive thinking and perseverence , said Governor Vishwabhushan Harichandan in his address

Raipur ( |Governor of Chhattisgarh Mr. Vishwabhushan Harichandan addressed the launch programme of “Sakaratmak Parivartan Ka Varsh”. I am delighted to be here amongst you. The theme of today’s gathering i.e. ‘The Year of Positive Change’ is quite relevant. Positive change refers to the change that benefits individuals, families, communities and nation as a whole.

When a society embraces positive change, it becomes stronger. We all know that change is the law of nature. The conservative and traditionalist society opposed to the required change and upgrade in beliefs and traditions gets cut off from the mainstream. Change with time and need is necessary in the society. The tree that doesn’t bends during the storm often gets uprooted. We should adapt to our changing circumstances.

Presently, we are going through a period of socio-economic change. The government is also working for the welfare of the society. The slogan ‘Vocal for Local’ has been raised to make the country self-reliant in every field. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also advocates ‘self-reliant India’. I have observed that Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwari Vishwavidyalaya emphasizes on self-transformation, instead of changing others, which is commendable.

This organization can play an important role in positive transformation of society through spiritual knowledge and Raj Yoga. This institution is also doing remarkable work in the field of drug de-addiction program. The organization is helping tribal people in remote areas such as Bastar to overcome additions through divine knowledge and Raj Yoga. I have seen that good values can be inculcated by teaching spirituality, yoga etc.

By adopting positive thinking, we can face any challenge in the world. I wish that this year of positive change brings pleasant transformation in your lives, prosperity in the society and overall development in the country. (UNI)