Awas NYAY Sammelan : Rahul Gandhi’s Address

Raipur ( | Upon my arrival today, I was handed a remote control. “Please press the button,” they said, and as soon as I did, within a second or two, thousands of crores of rupees were swiftly transferred to the bank accounts of the underprivileged and those in need.

The Chhattisgarh Government is currently allocating funds for the housing construction of the underprivileged. Today, Rs 1200 crores have been transferred to your accounts in just one click, and in the upcoming years, funds will continue to be deposited into your accounts in a similar manner.

During the election time, we made pledges to fortify the foundation of Chhattisgarh. We honoured our commitments, including the waiver of farmers’ loans, a 50 per cent reduction in electricity bills, and paddy procurement at Rs 2500 per quintal.

We initiated providing annual financial assistance of Rs 7000 for landless labourers, extended healthcare coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh to 70 lakh families, and facilitated 42,000 recruitments. Additionally, we are offering a monthly unemployment allowance of Rs 2500 to the youth.

I am delighted to be in Bilaspur today. I was handed this remote control and was asked to press its button. He further described how, with the press of a button, crores of rupees were swiftly transferred to the bank accounts of underprivileged individuals in Chhattisgarh. The money was transferred within a matter of seconds.

We have fulfilled all the promises we made to you during the elections. We have halved the electricity bill, ensured a fair price for paddy, and kept our commitments.

Under the Kisan NYAY Yojana, the government disbursed input subsidies totalling Rs 21,000 crore to farmers. Landless farmers were not left behind, as they received Rs 7,000 each as annual financial assistance. In addition, tribal communities were provided fair prices for the collection of Minor Forest Produce, and forestland rights were granted to them. Healthcare also saw significant improvements, with extended coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh for 70 lakh families. The government has filled 42,000 vacant job positions and offered a monthly unemployment allowance to 1.30 lakh youth.

A caste census is like the X-ray of India; it will help us understand how many OBCs, tribals, and individuals from the general category are there in the country. Once we have this data, the nation can move forward inclusively.

Recognizing the need for increased women’s participation in all sectors, he said, “Conducting a caste census is essential for the participation of all.”

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have travelled from distant places to be here today. We fulfilled our promises in Chhattisgarh right from the first cabinet meeting.

Our government is pro-poor and pro-tribal. We are committed to working for their benefit.