Barnawapara Sanctuary gets rejuvenated with habitat upgradation works

Raipur (  | Barnawapara, the most famous and attractive sanctuary filled with wildlife diversity of Chhattisgarh, has been rejuvenated in in the recent times for the betterment of Wildlife flora and fauna .Barnwapara Sanctuary is home to wildlife species like leopard, gaur, bear, sambar, chital, nilgai, kotari, chausingha, wild boar, wild dog, striped hyena, fox, wolf and mouse antelope. The total area of Barnawapara Sanctuary is 244.86 sq km, in which mainly mixed forest, sal forest and teak plantation exist.Barnawapara also has unique trees from which woods like Sal and Teak is extracted.

Other trees like Karra, Bhirra, Senha are found in mixed forests. Teak is naturally grown in the teak plantation area and the Sal is grown in the Sal forest which is comparatively less in area. In addition to the beehive species, herbaceous species like Eupatorium, Lentana, Charotha etc. are the main weeds, due to which the herbivore wildlife found in the Barnavapara Sanctuary area does not get grass to graze.

This rejuvenation of the sanctuary has been done to eradicate unnecessary weed plantations in the area. The eradication has been done with the amount approved in the annual action plan 2021-22 of CAMPA (Chhattisgarh Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority) under wildlife habitat upgradation work.