Big problem solved by small distances

Under the Chief Minister's 'Graam Gauravpath Yojana',Rural roads are being paved for better transport connectivity

Raipur (The States. news)  That was a year ago. Be it a prince living in the village or Manish living in the city or someone else… In the village, people going from their work towards government hospital, fair price shop, paddy procurement center or any other public place, government building often had to face trouble. From the main roads to government buildings or public places, where dust had to be troubled during the summer, during the rainy days, the dirty water flowing on the unpaved road, from slippers to feet and bicycles when walking in potholes including mud. From motorcycles to vehicles, the wheels used to get stuck. People often had to bear the brunt of not having an all-weather paved road from the main road to the government building or public place. This big problem of small distance from major roads to public places in village-village has now started getting removed. As soon as it came to the notice of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, he has started Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana. With this scheme, now the feet of the people coming to important places including public places, government buildings, schools are not trapped, nor do the wheels of their cycles, motorcycles get stuck.

With the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Public Works Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu, now many public use buildings of the state such as government hospitals, schools, colleges, panchayat public buildings, fair price shops, Anganwadi buildings and buildings of other government educational institutions, public places such as Many important public utility centers like Haat-bazaar, cremation ground, fair site, paddy collection center have started connecting with the main road. Earlier, due to non-availability of all-weather paved roads to such places, commuters had to face a lot of trouble in commuting. Karan Nirmalkar, Ratnesh Dubey and Anjor Das, students living in rural areas of Mandirhasaud in Raipur district and other staff of the school including teachers Mr. SK Verma, Sangeeta Dhidhi, A.K. Sahu is all happy that in his government higher school, a paved road has been made from the National Highway to the school rooms under the Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojna. He told that now he will not have to walk through mud in the rain due to the construction of concrete road. The students say that due to the mud in the rain, their clothes also got dirty. Sangeeta Dhidhi, the clerk in the school, told that during the rainy days, she had to face a lot of troubles. The feet of the students got stuck and the clothes were also dirty. There is a lot of relief now. Manish Dhruv, Khemin Dhangar of Boriyakhurd, told that there was a lack of pucca road for years to come and go to the nearby schools and settlements including the Anganwadi. If a pucca road is built through the Public Works Department under the Chief Minister’s Sugam Sadak Yojana, then everyone’s traffic has become easier. Mr. Manish Dhruv said that earlier the road between Saraswatnagar of Boriyakhurd to Anganwadi center was completely dilapidated. The wheels of motor cycles and other four wheelers also used to get stuck in the rain. During this time there was also the possibility of accidents. Khemin Bai, assistant of Anganwadi center, said that due to lack of pucca road, small children and school children also had to suffer a lot while reaching Anganwadi. Now, there is a lot of convenience in commuting by the paved road made under the Chief Minister’s Sugam Sadak Yojana. There was no sure way to reach even the cremation ground at Boriyakhurd. With the construction of an all-weather road here too, people can easily travel to the place of liberation.

Public Works Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu says that the objective of Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana is to make all important public government buildings and public places accessible for public welfare and public convenience by connecting them with all-weather access roads. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, relief is being provided to the people of the state. He said that people have to bear the brunt of not having an all-weather road. Chhattisgarh government is working towards solving their problems. Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana is also an important link.

       A total of 4079 roads have been identified in the state under Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana. Whose total length is 689 km. And the cost amount is Rs 486.69 crore. Under this, 472 works have been completed in the state while 1577 works are in progress and 2030 works are at tender stage.

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