Budget: Agricultural Sector : Budget increased for the agricultural and related sectors

Raipur (| In the state budget, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has taken concrete efforts to boost the state’s largest population of farmers, agriculture, and related sectors. A special effort has been made to ensure the quality of fertilizers and seeds. An effort has also been made to familiarize farmers with agricultural technologies being implemented in the country and around the world. Together with this, particular efforts have been made in the state to develop self-sufficiency among Gauthans and to protect livestock.

The state government’s budget of 1 lakh 21 thousand 500 crores was presented by the Chief Minister in which the agricultural sector has received considerable attention. Agricultural Department has been assigned the third most important budget allocation after School Education and Panchayat Rural Department. The Agricultural Department alone has a budget of Rs 10 thousand 70 crores.

A budget provision of Rs 23 thousand 215 crores has been made for agriculture and related sectors in the financial year 2023-24. This accounts for 19.11 percent of the overall budget. There is a provision of 6 thousand 800 crores in this to provide exchange assistance to farmers under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana in the agriculture sector regularly throughout the last four years, directly benefiting 26 lakh 41 thousand farmers.

To produce quality crop products in the state, the quality of seeds and fertilizers must also be checked; for this purpose, a new seed law enforcement laboratory is being established in Raipur. Besides that, new fertilizer quality control laboratories are being developed in the districts of Rajnandgaon and Raigarh. In addition, Raipur’s fertilizer laboratory is receiving additional setups. With this, we will be able to exert greater control over fertilizer quality.