Catalyzing rural development and livelihood opportunities

Chhattisgarh government, led by Chief Minister Shri Baghel, is committed to realizing Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Gram Swaraj

Livelihood opportunities are being created in villages, providing a significant boost to women empowerment

Raipur ( |  Chhattisgarh Government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, is committed to realizing Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Gram Swaraj (self-governance in villages). Through its various schemes, the government not only ensures fair prices for farmers’ crops but also focuses on creating livelihood opportunities in villages by establishing Gauthans and Rural Industrial Parks.

The establishment of Gauthans and Rural Industrial Parks (RIPAs) has significantly boosted rural entrepreneurship in the state. Currently, the state government is in the process of establishing 300 RIPA units, which aim to empower women economically. Additionally, the government has set up C-Marts in the district and divisional headquarters to facilitate the sale of products produced in Gauthans. This initiative provides a larger market for these products, enabling wider reach and increased sales.

RIPA is providing employment opportunities for both women groups and youth

Rural Industrial Parks are being established to bring together women self-help groups and young individuals who aspire to start their own businesses but lack sufficient space and resources. In the first phase, 2 RIPAs each are being established in 7 development blocks of Raigarh district. Various income-generating activities including vermicompost production, community gardening, fish farming, poultry farming, and goat rearing, are being conducted here. Additionally, the Rural Industrial Park also includes fabrication units, sewing units, aluminum fabrication, mushroom production, and facilities for oil processing, flour milling, mini rice mills, and cow dung paint manufacturing units. To support and empower individuals associated with these initiatives, comprehensive training programmes are being provided. Moreover, loans are being made available through various schemes, fostering economic growth. Many of these activities are actively undertaken by local youth, demonstrating their engagement and commitment to the development of their area. The primary objective of the RIPA is to promote rural entrepreneurship, enabling individuals to attain self-reliance and providing them with abundant livelihood opportunities at the local level.

C-Mart: Creating market opportunities for Gauthan and RIPA products

The products manufactured in Gauthan and RIPA are sold through C-Mart. Customers can find a range of items here, including Sawai grass products prepared in Dharamjaygarh, pottery from Lailunga, lac products prepared in Gharghoda, and locally made food products such as pickles, papad, and ‘badi’. Gauthan products have found a market thanks to C-Marts. The herbal gulal prepared by women groups in Gauthans was in high demand during Holi.