Chhattisgarh’s tableau all set to depict 600- year-old democratic spirit prevailing in Bastar on Kartavya Path

New Delhi (|  In line with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s views that ‘India is the mother of democracy’, the tableau of Chhattisgarh will showcase the world the evidence of the democratic consciousness prevalent in the tribal society of state since ancient times.

The tableau themed “Bastar Ki Adim Jan Sansad: Muria Darbar” was today showcased to the national media by Defence Ministry during a press preview at R R Camp here.

The tableau depicted the ancient tradition of decision making by the tribals which is still alive in Bastar division even after 75 years of independence. The world’s longest Bastar Dussehra concludes with the Muria Darbar in which the tribals, the king and the public representatives discuss and solve the problems of the tribal community.

After getting the final approval from the expert committee, officials of Public Relations department and artists have worked 24×7 in the past one month to give the tableau its final shape. Out of 28 state tableaux, 16 have earned the prestigious opportunity to participate in the parade on the Kartavya Path.

The different parts of tableau to portray beauty of tribal craft

The frontage of the tableau displays a huge figurine of tribal girl in traditional attire denoting the female-dominant nature of the tribal communities of Bastar. The tribal her views, the lifestyle, aesthetics and well-organized attire of Bastar.

The central part depicts the Muria-Darbar of Jagdalpur. Decorated elephants made of terracotta sculpture on all four sides of the platform will symbolise the power of the people. Muria Darbar will also show a glimpse of the cultural development that has taken place in Bastar from primitive times till now.

The rear portion of the tableau portrays Limau-Raja of Bade-Dongar. A beautiful Nandi made of bell metal will be placed near Limau Raja on the platform of the tableau, symbolising confidence and cultural beauty of the tribal society.

The tableau will be followed by music and dance. Folk artistes from Chhattisgarh will perform the ‘Parab’ dance of the state on the melodious tune of the flute along with the beat of ‘Maander’(drum).

Parab dance

Parab dance is the popular folk dance of Dhurwa tribal community of Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh. Women and men collectively take part in this dance and perform acrobatics through their dance moves.