Chief Electoral Officer Reena Babasaheb Kangale launched the “SVEEP SSR Rap” song created by Kanker District Administration

Raipur ( | The Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh, Reena Babasaheb Kangale, launched the ‘SVEEP SSR Rap’ created by the Kanker District Administration at the Chief Electoral Office on Friday. Kanker’s ‘SVEEP SSR Rap’ song designed to promote the ongoing Special Summary Revision (SSR) of the Photo Electoral Rolls-2023 campaign. It aims to encourage youth participation in the upcoming Assembly Election 2023 by urging them to register as voters. Notably, the unique aspect of this rap song is that it was created by the Kanker SVEEP team, making it a distinctive initiative in the country.

In a groundbreaking move to engage the youth in the democratic process, the Kanker SVEEP team has unleashed a powerful rap song titled “Naam Judwaya Kya… Epic Banavaya Kya…”. The catchy tune and contemporary lyrics have struck a chord with the present generation, particularly those deeply engrossed in social media and fitness pursuits. Through their electrifying rap, the Kanker SVEEP team implores young men and women to do more than just scroll through their feeds or hit the gym; they encourage them to take a proactive role in democracy by adding their names to the voter list. The underlying message is clear: If you love your country, exercise your right to vote. The SVEEP team behind this innovative campaign believes that the fusion of rap music and compelling lyrics will resonate with the new generation, ultimately motivating them to become active participants in the democratic process.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Nilesh Kshirsagar, and CEO of Kanker Zila Panchayat and SVEEP Nodal Officer Sumit Aggarwal were present.