Chief Electoral Officer Reena Kangale Expresses Gratitude to All The Officials, Employees, Organizations, and Voters for actively participating in the Lok Sabha Elections

Raipur ( | Chief Electoral Officer Mrs. Reena Babasaheb Kangale has thanked all the officials, employees, governmental and non-governmental organizations, public service institutions, and especially voters for their participation in the Lok Sabha General Elections 2024. She acknowledged the enthusiastic participation of the state’s electorate in exercising their voting rights, thereby contributing to the democratic process.

Mrs. Kangale extended her thanks to all officials and employees engaged and deployed in the electoral process. She also expressed appreciation for the Central Security Forces and State Police Forces for their crucial role in ensuring free and fair elections. Furthermore, she conveyed her gratitude to all journalists from print, electronic, and web media for effectively disseminating important guidelines and election-related activities during the general elections.

She acknowledged and thanked all government and non-government participants, various public service institutions, and organizations involved, either directly or indirectly, in this grand festival of democracy.