Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel performed worship in the Munichua Ashram located in Navapara in the Raigarh district

Munichua Ashram is a center of faith and belief for the villagers of Navapara

Raipur ( | The Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today reached the Navapara village in the Pusaur block in the Raigarh district under the Bhent Mulaqat program. Right after reaching Navapara, the Chief Minister performed worship in the Munichua Ashram, the center of faith for the Navapara villagers. It is said that hundred years ago in Navapara, an old woman known as “Old Mother” would take a burning Kanda in her hand and go near a pit located at the roadside. While the water would evaporate in the nearby wells and reservoirs due to the intense heat, this particular pit would always be filled with water all year round. The “Old Mother’ would heal serious diseases like chicken pox from the miracle water in this pit after worshipping Goddess Kali through the flame of the Kanda. The pit came to be named Munichua eventually. The Old Mother used to say that many sages reside in Munichua in an invisible form.

According to the Old Mother, the sages residing in Munichua would appear in their physical form sometimes and would then present hot food, desserts, and other delicacies through their spiritual powers to people, and would then become invisible again. This story can be heard from the people living in nearby places as well. Religious events are held in the Munichua premises all year round. The religious faith and belief of people in Munichua still persist to this day.