Chief Minister inaugurates ‘Bunkar Gudi’ in Achhota Gauthan

Handloom artisans express gratitude to Chief Minister for skill development and economic empowerment

Cooperative Society sparks economic empowerment, Lakshmi Dewangan and 97 women flourish in handloom business

Raipur ( | Lakshmi Dewangan, a resident of Achhota village in Dhamtari, used to work as a labourer a few years ago. However, due to physical difficulties, she had to quit her job. Later, Lakshmi learned about the ‘Mukhyamantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana’. She underwent a four-month training programme in the handloom and installed a handloom machine in her home.

Lakshmi started receiving work through Maa Angarmoti Bunkar Sahakari Samiti Maryadit Achhota, a cooperative society. Now, she earns thousands of rupees every month from the comfort of her home. In this cooperative, Lakshmi, along with 97 other women, is crafting a new narrative of economic empowerment in the rural environment through the handloom industry.

Earlier, the members of the cooperative used to individually perform handloom work in their own houses. However, due to limited space in many members’ houses, the work couldn’t be efficiently carried out. To address this issue, a handloom unit has been established in the Achhota Gauthan under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Park Scheme.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the ‘Bunkar Gudi’, to facilitate the work for the cooperative members. Expressing their gratitude, the members involved in the handloom work thanked the Chief Minister for his efforts in elevating them from ordinary laborers to skilled artisans.