Children’s prevention, challenges and solutions from mobile addiction

Raipur (| The increasing habit of drugs in children is not only snatching their childhood from them, but is also snatching their life. Many such things are being included in the new lifestyle, which along with providing facilities are also creating new dangers. One of these is a mobile phone. The use of smart phones has increased tremendously in the last few years. Due to the online education system during the corona pandemic, children have become more familiar with the use of mobiles. Children have become victims of mobile addiction knowingly or unknowingly in the last few days. Some parents give mobiles to their children while feeding their children to entertain themselves or when they are busy with other tasks. While on the one hand certain benefits of mobile usage cannot be ruled out, on the other hand some serious consequences are being seen in children due to mobile addiction due to excessive use.

The Chhattisgarh government has taken seriously the prevention of drug addiction among children. Chhattisgarh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights is continuously making people aware through pamphlets, programs, while brainstorming is being done for effective measures to keep children away from drug addiction. In this episode, a workshop was organized on the topic ‘Prevention of children from drug addiction, challenges and solutions’ under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. The Chief Minister showed commitment for the healthy and proper development of children in Chhattisgarh here and talked about expanding the campaign against drugs. The Chief Minister also brought before the people a brochure and a booklet ‘Lika Mann Ke Goth’ to create awareness about drugs.