Development projects in Sukma brings positive changes, nighttime safety improved significantly

Konta, a gateway for Chhattisgarh from South; development projects at Konta bringing significant transformation

Chief Minister inaugurates development projects worth Rs 303 crore in a virtual program; performs bhumipoojan for various development projects

Raipur ( |Sukma district has witnessed significant development over the past four years with extensive infrastructure projects. Strengthening education, healthcare, and road networks has boosted the region’s progress while enhancing security measures. Once plagued by nighttime fears, people now travel freely without apprehension. During the virtual inauguration and bhumipoojan ceremony, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel lauded the achievements and highlighted Konta, the Sukma’s gateway to enter Chhattisgarh, as the first legislative upon entering Chhattisgarh from South India. He expressed gratitude for the collective efforts in planning and executing the district’s development, noting the evident positive transformation. Notably, Jagargunda welcomed the reopening of a school after a 13-year hiatus, showcasing the administration’s commitment to education.

Chief Minister dedicated 131 development projects worth Rs 303.67 crore, including the inauguration of 33 development projects worth Rs 63.56 crore and laid the foundation stones for 98 development projects, marking a significant milestone in the region’s progress and infrastructure development. Chief Minister regrets the inability to meet people in person due to heavy rains but expresses satisfaction in virtually connecting with them. He highlights the significance of rainfall for the region, considering it a beneficial development.