Distribution of promotional material at the Mahtari Vandan Sammelan

People are praising the welfare-oriented schemes of the government      

Raipur ( |    On the occasion of the launch of the government’s flagship scheme, Mahtari Vandan Yojana, in Chhattisgarh and the disbursement of the first installment to the beneficiaries of the state at the Science College ground in Raipur, the Public Relations Department is distributing free materials on the welfare schemes and programs of the state government. These materials include the ‘Modi ki Guarantee’ Pocket Book, ‘Vishnu Deo ke Tavtarit Nirnayo Se Ho Raha Hai Sushasan Ka Suryodaya’ (the dawn of good governance through Vishnu Deo’s prompt decisions), ‘Matritva Jatan Mahtariyo Ka Vandan’, ‘Ramo Vigrahavan Dharmaha’, and a pictorial calendar. Additionally, attendees are receiving a two-month book on good governance and the latest issue of Chhattisgarh Janman’s monthly magazine.