Divyang child receives urgent assistance at Jandarshan

Sent to Divyang Special Home Mana on the instructions of Chief Minister

Raipur ( |Vijendra Rathia, from Dharamjaigarh block, brought his son Hemraj, who has been dealing with multiple disabilities since childhood, to the Chief Minister’s Jandarshan. Chief Minister proposed that both the child’s education and treatment could be facilitated at the Divyang Special Home in Mana. He instructed to send the child to Mana immediately for this purpose. Agreeing to the proposal, the father consented to the treatment, and Hemraj was promptly sent to the center in Mana for admission.

Vijendra expressed relief, stating, “My child’s problem has been resolved today. Now, he can receive treatment here, and arrangements for his education will also be made.” Following the Chief Minister’s directives, the Health Department staff immediately admitted Hemraj to Mana.