Ex-Pak Minister calls Chandrayaan-3 historic moment for humankind

New Delhi (| In a notable shift from his earlier criticism of Chandrayaan-2 in 2019, ex-Pakistani politician Chaudhary Fawad Hussain on Tuesday congratulated India for its Chandrayaan-3 mission and said the landing of Vikram module will be a historic moment for humankind. He also urged Pakistan media to telecast the Chandrayaan moon landing live. “Pak media should show #Chandrayan moon landing live tomorrow at 6:15 PM… historic moment for Humankind, especially for the people, scientists, and Space community of India…. Many Congratulations,” Hussain Xed.

Prior to this, Hussain also had expressed admiration for ISRO on July 14 when India’s premier space agency launched its third Chandrayaan mission. He had texted: “Congratulations to the Indian space and Science community on the launch of #Chandrayan3 wishing you all the best.” Contrary to these positive messages, Hussain had called the Government of India’s bid to land Chandrayaan on an uncharted territory of the moon as imprudent in 2019. Soon after the Vikram Lander lost communication with ground control at an altitude of 2.1 km above the Moon, Hussain had posted the hashtag ‘India Failed’ in his social media post.

The soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 for the Moon’s south pole is scheduled today for 6:04 pm. If the Vikram module safely and softly lands on the Moon, India will join the elite club of nations, comprising the United States, Russia, and China as one of the few countries to have achieved a soft lunar landing. And become the first nation to soft-land on the south pole of the Moon, which is more difficult than landing on the north pole of the lunar surface.
ISRO will start broadcasting the live landing operations, commencing at 5:27 pm. The broadcast will be accessible on various platforms including ISRO’s official website, the official ISRO YouTube channel, and ISRO’s authorized Facebook channel. (UNI)