Farmers possess a unique trait of thinking beyond themselves and considering the welfare of others: CM

Farmer Deepak Verma highlights the need for a new ‘Kisaan Kitaab’, citing convenience and information recording

Farmer’s loan waived, gifted daughter a scooty

Raipur (| Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel emphasized that farmers possess a unique trait of thinking beyond themselves and considering the welfare of others. He further highlighted the significance of farmers having crucial information pertaining to their land. He was addressing the ‘Bhent-Mulakat’ programme held at the village Kadar of Baloda Bazar-Bhatapara district on Monday.  

While interacting with Chief Minister during the programme, farmer Deepak Verma shared that the ‘Kisaan Kitaab’ has been in use since his ancestor’s time. He expressed that replacing the outdated ‘Kisaan Kitaab’ with a new one issued to the state’s farmers would bring great convenience. He further explained that along with the details of fertilizers and seeds purchase, the book also records important information related to land.

Deepak Verma also mentioned that his loan of Rs 1.25 lakh has been waived, and he used the bonus received from selling paddy to buy a scooty for his daughter, who now uses it to go to school. He expressed his happiness stating that the Chhattisgarh government is actively working for the welfare of farmers, which brings joy to the farming community.

Chief Minister Shri Baghel attentively listened to Deepak Verma’s words and said “Farmers always think about everyone, and this aspect is beautiful. Just as farmers think about everyone, the State Government has also thought about them. Numerous decisions have been taken in the interest of farmers including increasing the limit for procuring paddy per acre to 20 quintals. Through the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan NYAY Yojana, farmers’ worries have been alleviated by ensuring timely financial assistance for important agricultural activities like sowing and harvesting.”