Father appeals to Chief Minister for justice after quack doctor leaves his 7-Year-old son disabled

Raipur ( | Shri Anuj Banjare, a resident of Tulsi village in the Tilda Neora area, attended today’s Chief Minister’s Jandarshan programme with his wife Smt. Purnima and seven-year-old son Deepesh Banjare.

He informed Chief Minister Shri Sai that he works as a porter in the vegetable market of Tilda. On August 24 last year, his son fractured his left hand while playing. Initially, he took his son to a local doctor’s clinic where the treatment involved plastering the hand, costing Rs 1700. However, when his son did not experience relief, he sought treatment at another hospital. It was discovered that the initial plastering was done incorrectly, resulting in pus and swelling in the hand.

Seeking further medical help, they visited AIIMS Raipur, where doctors informed them that the child’s hand would never fully recover, and now his left hand has become non-functional.

“After returning from AIIMS, we returned to the same doctor for treatment. He advised us to undergo three months of physiotherapy. Despite undergoing physiotherapy, there has been no improvement in the hand, and now the doctor has refused further treatment,” Shri Anuj Banjare stated. “I have filed an FIR against the doctor, but justice has not yet been served.”

Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai promptly instructed officials concerned to investigate the matter thoroughly and take immediate action.