Government land to be made available for urban administration bodies for commercial purpose one-fourth rate: CM Baghel

Special discount on lump sum deposit of 15 years rent

Raipur, (The ) Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has taken several important decisions for easy allotment of government land for residential, commercial and other purposes in urban areas. State government has authorized Collectors to allocate and reorganize government land, simplifying the process, by making partial amendments in the provisions of section four-one and section four-2 of the Chhattisgarh Revenue Book Circular.

With this, the cases of land allocation and administration will be resolved easily and quickly with complete transparency at the district-level itself. The simplified process of land allocation will benefit the people interested, including the occupiers.

Collectors have been empowered by the state government to allocate government land to central and state departments and corporations, boards and commissions. Collectors have also been authorized to allot government land up to 7500 square feet in urban areas on 30-year lease and to administer encroached government land.

The state government will have the right to allocate more than 7500 square feet of government land and to administer the encroached government land.

The government land will be allotted and the encroached government land will be administered as per the development plan notified by the town and village investment. The interest on allocation of land plot to urban bodies for commercial use will be determined at a price equal to 25 percent of the prevailing guide line. The interest payable on allotment of government land to a person or institution will be determined on the basis of the existing guideline.

Similarly, if application of two or more persons or organizations is received, the allotment of a government land plot will be done through auction to the highest bidder, considering the premium rate fixed at the prevailing guideline rate as offset.

The state government has also given special concession to the land owner or lessee in terms of payment of land rent. The landowner or lessee will be exempted from the rent for the next 15 years (from the 16th year to the 30th year) if the lump sum amount is paid for 15 years. This concession provided by the government will relieve people of the inconvenience of paying land rent every year.

Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management Department informed that necessary guidelines have been given to all collectors regarding the allocation of government land at the district-level and the arrangement of encroached land. The applications received in connection with the land allocation are being tested by the district-level committee.

He informed that for the land received on lease at concessional and non-concessional rates, additional amount of 2 percent from the fixed price will be charged for transference of ownership. Entire procedure related to the allotment or arrangement of land and transference of ownership, process of advertisement, claim-objection process and due hearing should be followed.

In the matter of land allocation and arrangement, collectors have been authorized to allocate only those land plots, which do not require to be reserved for the reasons including public hindrance, health security, public convenience, public purpose and environmental protection. Allotable land will be identified and uploaded in Bhuiya software and the government departments will get a proposal regarding the requirement of the said land.