Haryana halting water to Delhi: AAP accuses BJP of conspiracy

New Delhi (| Accusing the Haryana government of halting water supply to Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday claimed that BJP has hatched a new conspiracy against the AAP govt just before the sixth phase of elections on May 25 when Delhi will vote.
Addressing the media, AAP’s senior leader and Delhi cabinet minister Atishi said, “Water supply from the Yamuna river coming into Delhi has been blocked by Haryana government. Complaints of water scarcity have been coming in from Delhi for the past few days.”

“Problems have arisen in areas where water scarcity was never an issue before,” Atishi added.”It was revealed in an investigation that Haryana is responsible for this. The water level of the Yamuna in Wazirabad is normally 675 feet. Even when it decreases, it remains up to 672 feet. However, from May 11 to May 21, Haryana has been stopping Delhi’s water,” Atishi claimed. “On May 11, the water level was 671 feet, which continued for three days. On May 21, the water level decreased to below 671 feet,” she said.

“We want to alert the people of Delhi that in the coming days, until May 25, a new conspiracy will unfold. Voters will be misled,” Atishi alleged. “However, no matter how many conspiracies the BJP hatches, they cannot fool the people of Delhi. BJP is losing all seven seats in Delhi, and INDIA bloc is winning,” she claimed.

“We will immediately write a letter to the Haryana government. If needed, we will also file a petition in the court. If no action is taken on our letter to the Haryana government, then if necessary, we will approach the Supreme Court. We have started preparations to deal with this conspiracy,” Atishi asserted. (uni)