Ideology of BJP is an ideology of kings, alleges Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, (| Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took a dig at BJP over the party’s functioning. “The ideology of BJP is the ideology of kings, they do not listen to anyone. In BJP, orders come from above and everyone has to obey,” he alleged. Addressing the party workers at the foundation day event “Hain Taiyaar Hum” at Nagpur in Maharashtra, Gandhi said, “In the Congress, the voice comes from the workers and we respect it. We talk about people’s power and democracy. People of the country should have power in the democracy.”

Launching a scathing attack at the BJP’s ideology, Gandhi alleged that the BJP is capturing all the institutions. “If you look at all the universities of India, nowadays several Vice Chancellors belong to one ideology. If you belong to a particular ideology, you will get posts in several institutions,” alleged the former Congress President. Raising the unemployment issue, he said youths are unemployed as they are not getting jobs following which they spend 7-8 hours watching mobile phones.

Reiterating the caste census issue, the Wayanad MP said, “We will conduct caste census if Congress is voted to power. After the caste census, a new path of development will open,” he added. Assuring the people, Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge said, “If the people give strength to I.N.D.I.A alliance in the upcoming Lok Sabha election, we will implement ‘Nyay Yojana’. We will empower the women so that they can strengthen the entire family.”

He said Nagpur is a holy place where Mahatma Gandhi ji and Ambedkar ji worked for the country and fought for social justice. “In Nagpur, there are two types of ideology, one is the ideology of progress and the other is an ideology of RSS,” Kharge alleged. On this occasion, the Congress President appealed to party workers to scan old literature, photographs, letters, and historical documents related to the party and send them to Delhi headquarters to put these things in the Congress archive. (uni)