Illegal encroachment removed from government land in Sejbahar on CM Vishnu Deo Sai’s directives

Villagers complain about land encroachment in Chief Minister’s Jandarshan

Farmers to easily access fields, avoid conflicts after encroachment removal

Revenue staff took action under leadership of Collector Dr. Singh

Raipur (|Taking swift action on the complaint received during Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai’s Jandarshan last week, the Raipur district administration has removed encroachment from a five-acre plot adjacent to the main road in Sejbahar.

During the Chief Minister’s Jandarshan programme, locals complained that Santosh Dahariya, a resident of Banarsi village in Mana, had illegally occupied nearly five acres of land along the main road in Sejbahar. He had constructed permanent structures and was involved in the illegal sale of the land. Shri Sai took the complaint of government land encroachment seriously and instructed Raipur Collector Dr. Gaurav Singh to investigate and take immediate action.

Collector Dr. Singh assigned Raipur SDM and his team to investigate the matter. After the revenue staff conducted their investigation, it was confirmed that the land was indeed encroached upon. The illegal occupant had erected shop-like structures on the land and there were complaints of illegal land sales to others. Besides, farmers faced difficulties accessing their fields behind this land during the current farming season.

Today, with the assistance of JCB machines, shop-like structures illegally built on this land were demolished in the presence of SDM Shri Nandkumar Choubey, Tehsildar Shri Pawan Kosma, Additional Tehsildar Smt. Tulsi Rathore, police, and revenue staff. Besides, wire fencing installed by several individuals on parts of the land was also removed. The removal of these illegal encroachments will facilitate easier access for farmers to their fields and safeguard government land. Farmers will be able to cultivate their crops smoothly during the current monsoon season, free from disputes and conflicts when traveling to and from their agricultural lands.

Sejbahar residents including Shri Sharda Ram Sahu, Shri Kamta Prasad Sahu, Shri Lalit Sahu, Shri Khelan Sahu, Shri Deendayal Ratre, Shri Dallu Yadav, and Shri Santosh Baghel expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Shri Sai and the district administration. The villagers also demanded strict action against those illegally occupying government land.

Meanwhile, following Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai’s directives, action against illegal constructions and the unlawful purchase and sale of government land has been intensified in Raipur district. Under the leadership of Collector Dr. Gaurav Singh, the revenue staff has begun promptly addressing such cases.