India to launch Artificial intelligence Mission soon: PM Modi at GPAI summit

New Delhi (| PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India (Bharat) is set to launch an Artificial intelligence Mission to promote the use of AI in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and education.  Addressing the inaugural session of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit, at Bharat Mandapam here, Modi said, “Today, Bharat is a front-runner in the field of AI and its subsets. We are striving to bring about a social transformation through AI”.

He added: “Our National AI Portal will play a crucial role in supporting and promoting these AI initiatives”. Raising concerns about the misuse of AI, the Prime Minister said, “AI is having a significant impact on both present and future generations. We must proceed with extreme caution”. He said that the suggestions and ideas emerging from this summit will help in safeguarding the world from the potential risks and challenges posed by the darker aspects of AI.

The PM said, “AI can become the biggest tool of development in the 21st century and can also play the biggest role in destroying the 21st century” The Prime Minister also raised concerns over Deepfake saying it is in front of the whole world today. “Apart from this, there is also a big danger of cyber security, data theft, and other tools coming into the hands of terrorists…We have to work together to prepare a global framework for the ethical use of AI” he added.

Modi said, “AI is not just a new technology. This has become a worldwide movement. Therefore all of us must work together…It is transformative, but it is up to us to make it as transparent as possible”.

Welcoming the delegate, Modi said this summit is taking place at a time when there is a huge debate going on all over the world regarding AI. “All kinds of positive and negative aspects are coming to light from this debate. Therefore, every country associated with this summit has a huge responsibility” he added.  India is a founding member of GPAI, having joined the multi-stakeholder initiative on June 15, 2020. GPAI is a multi-stakeholder initiative. Altogether 29 countries are participating in the summit, which will also witness the participation of more than 50 GPAI experts and over 150 speakers from across the world.

The summit aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice on Artificial Intelligence by supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities on AI-related priorities. (UNI)