International Yoga Day celebrated with enthusiasm in JSP

International Yoga Day celebrated with enthusiasm in JSP.
JSP Foundation also organized various programs in the city as well as in the surrounding villages.

Raigarh/Raipur(thestates.news)| International Day of Yoga was celebrated at Jindal Steel & Power with enthusiasm and determination to include Yoga in the lifestyle. Participating in a special yoga session organized on this occasion, the company’s chairman Mr. Naveen Jindal said that ‘Yoga is a journey of self, through self, to self. Today the whole world is recognizing the power of Yoga, it is a matter of pride for us. He called regular yoga, exercise as well as improving dietary habits necessary for better health.

During the session which lasted for about an hour, the members of JSP family enthusiastically performed Yogasanas under the guidance of Yoga Guru.A special program was organized by JSP on the occasion of International Yoga Day on Wednesday. Ont his occasion, a one-hour special yoga session was held from 6:30 am in the lawns of Jindal Life Enhancement Centre. JSP family members arrived in large numbers for yoga at the appointed time in the morning. Mr. Naveen Jindal, Chairman, JSP specially participated in the event. Everyone practiced various yogasanas under the guidance of Yoga Guru Omprakash Singh. After this, motivating everyone for better health, Mr. Jindal said that ‘On the occasion of International Yoga Day, I reflected on the deep impact of yoga on my life. It had a positive effect not only in sports like shooting and polo, but physically and mentally in every sphere of life. Yoga has been considered an important part of life in the Indian tradition since ancient times. In today’s routine, the importance of yoga increases even more. With this we can protect our body from various diseases as well as strengthen our inner strength. This also inspires us to have restraint, discipline and dedication in our lives. Mr. Jindal also exhorted all present to improve their dietary habits for better health.

He talked about using millets as much as possible in place of grains. Officers-employees, members of Jindal Ladies Club were present in large numbers. Everyone enthusiastically took a pledge to include yoga, exercise and better eating habits in their routine along with doing yoga enthusiastically. JSP Foundation Organized Various Programs On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, JSP Foundation organized various awareness programs in Raigarh city including villages around the plant to motivate people, especially youth, to include yoga in their daily routine. Special programs were organized by the team of JSP Foundation for sportspersons at Raigarh Stadium, bamboo artisans in village Netnagar,
students and women self-help groups in Government Primary School Kirori Mal Nagar.
On the other hand, International Day of Yoga was celebrated at Machinery Division, Raipur, where the trained Yoga Guru gave information about the benefits of Yoga. It was also told about how to take breath and how to leave it during Yoga, along with this, the postures of meditation. About and how to reduce mental stress during work through yoga was also explained.
All the employees of Raipur-based Machinery Division participated in it enthusiastically.