It is important to widely publicize measures and precautions to prevent conjunctivitis: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel chaired a high-level meeting on preventive measures for conjunctivitis

Patients receive treatment at the primary health center along with free medication

Raipur ( |Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel chaired a high-level meeting to review preventive measures for conjunctivitis at his residence office on Friday. He stated that measures and precautions to avoid conjunctivitis should be widely publicized. Mentioning experts’ advice, he added that people should be told not to touch their eyes with their hands without cleaning them to prevent infection. Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, stated that patients suffering from conjunctivitis should be given priority treatment in hospitals. This will ensure that their hospital stay is not prolonged unnecessarily. Even in schools, if a child has conjunctivitis, they should be sent home to avoid infection. He also reviewed the examination and treatment of conjunctivitis patients in hospitals and the availability of medicines.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel stressed the need for spreading awareness about preventing conjunctivitis through social, print, and electronic media.

During the meeting, the officials stated that it is possible to conduct investigations and treat patients at primary health centers. Medicines are available in sufficient quantities, and free medicines are given to patients.

Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Shri T.S. Singh Deo, Chief Secretary Mr. Amitabh Jain, Additional Chief Secretary of Health Mrs. Renu G. Pillay, Principal Secretary of School Education, Dr. Alok Shukla, Secretary of Health Department, Mr. Siddharth Komal Singh Pardeshi, Secretary of School Education Department, Dr. S.K. Bharatidasan, Director of Public Education, Mr. Sunil Jain, MD of Health Mission, Mr. Vilas Bhoskar Sandipan, Director of Epidemic Control, Dr. Subhash Mishra, and officials were present during the meeting.

Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Shri T.S. Singh Deo also addressed the meeting and stated that most of the conjunctivitis patients found last week have recovered. More cases were discovered in Durg and Raipur. It is reported that individuals are purchasing steroid medications from local pharmacies and applying them to their eyes. This practice can be dangerous and it is strongly recommended to seek advice from a medical professional before doing so.

Preventive measures should be taken to avoid conjunctivitis

During the meeting, experts reassured that conjunctivitis is nothing to be afraid of. Primary health centers have an investigation and treatment in place, and individuals can receive free medication. It is important to note that if there is an infection; operations should not be performed in hospitals. This disease can be cured within three days. In the case of eye-related issues, it is crucial to seek the expertise of an eye specialist to prevent more severe conditions. Eye check-ups and treatment options are available at no cost in district hospitals and primary health centers.