Jandarshan: Divyangs grateful as CM provides immediate aid and support

Raipur ( | In the weekly Jandarshan programme that commenced today at the Chief Minister’s residence, Divyangs also met Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai and shared their issues, requesting assistive devices. Chief Minister not only listened attentively to their problems but also demonstrated empathy by distributing wheelchairs, motorized tricycles, prosthetic legs, battery-operated tricycle, and other assistive devices on the spot. The beneficiaries’ faces lit up with joy upon receiving the devices, and they expressed gratitude towards the Chief Minister.

Divyang Ajay Singh Rajput, from Lormi Tehsil in Mungeli District, shared his concern with Chief Minister Shri Sai, stating, “I need a new artificial leg as the one fitted due to amputation has become damaged.” Chief Minister promptly addressed his issue; measurements of Ajay Singh Rajput’s leg were taken as per his directions for a new prosthetic, which will be provided to him once ready.

The guardian of Ms. Kesar Chandwani, residing in Raipur Shailendra Nagar, also approached the Jandarshan programme seeking assistance. “My daughter Ms. Kesar Chandwani, 11 years old, is suffering from a serious illness. Our financial condition is poor. I request financial aid for her treatment and a wheelchair for my Divyang daughter,” she said. Chief Minister Shri Sai responded with sensitivity, immediately providing a wheelchair to Ms. Kesar Chandwani and ensuring a modified wheelchair will be arranged for her later.

Rohit Markande from Bemetara district and Balram Verma from village Jawa of Arang received motorized tricycles while and Balram from Saja received a battery-operated tricycle. Besides, 67-year-old Devanand Sahu from Ramsagar Para, who needed a hearing aid, had his problem addressed promptly by Chief Minister Shri Sai, who personally provided hearing aids to Devanand Sahu, Vishwanath Kumar, and two others.