Jandarshan will ease the interaction with the public and resolve issues

Chief Minister’s Jandarshan Program: A Powerful Medium to Connect with the People

Increased Public Trust in the Government

Raipur ( | The Jandarshan program is not just a medium for meeting the people; it is a bridge of trust that encompasses dialogue, problem-solving, and the development of the state. After a long hiatus, the Jandarshan program is once again being initiated at the Chief Minister’s residence. People are enthusiastic about this program, where they meet their leader to share their joys and sorrows. Additionally, they express their views on the concept of the state’s development. As a tribal Chief Minister known for his simplicity and approachability, Shri Vishnu Deo Sai will establish direct communication with the public through the Jandarshan program at his residence starting at 11 a.m. on June 27.

Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai’s effort to connect directly with the public through the Jandarshan program reflects his grounded approach. Coming from a simple rural family background, Chief Minister Shri Sai will now be more accessible to the general public. In a position like that of the Chief Minister, where there are constant engagements, reaching out to everyone and understanding their problems and concerns is a challenge. Organizing the Jandarshan program and deciding to meet the needy people from across the state is both a courageous and commendable decision.

Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai frequently meets with the general public at his residence in Raipur and during district programs, listening to their problems. He has also established a separate camp in his home village, Bagia, to address the issues of the local people. When he visits his home village, he meets with the residents and works to resolve their problems with ease. Even in his absence, his wife meets with the locals under his guidance, offering support and advice. Through the Jandarshan program in Bagia, the Chief Minister has resolved numerous issues for the people. For example, he arranged for an ambulance to transport a critically ill patient to the hospital for treatment.

One such case is that of Sukanti Bai Chauhan from Jashpur district. Her leg was severely burned while cooking, rendering her unable to walk. When the Chief Minister learned about her condition through the Jandarshan program, he ensured she received treatment in Raipur. After recovering, Sukanti Bai was able to stand on her feet again, and the Chief Minister personally called her to check on her well-being. For Sukanti Bai, who was struggling financially, the Jandarshan program in the Chief Minister’s home village proved immensely beneficial. This compassionate act by the Chief Minister highlights his sensitivity towards the needy and helpless.

Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai not only listens to the problems of the people in his home village, Bagia, but also receives and addresses applications from the general public at his residence in Raipur and during various programs. Hundreds of people come to meet him at his residence every day, and he listens to and understands their concerns with great compassion. Now, with his decision to start the Jandarshan program at his residence every Thursday, he will have direct communication with people from across the state. From Surguja to Bastar, common people’s grievances and complaints will be easily heard by the Chief Minister, and this direct access to the head of the state will undoubtedly expedite the resolution of their issues. This accessibility will not only enhance the atmosphere of good governance within the administration but also strengthen the public’s trust in the government. Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai’s decision to hold the Jandarshan program every Thursday reflects his closeness to the people, his sensitivity to their problems, and his commitment to being a responsible leader. This initiative will undoubtedly make problem-solving and communication with the public more efficient and effective.