Kalinga University Organized Garba Night Celebration for Students

Raipur (thestates.news)| Garba night celebration was organized for the students of Kalinga University on Tuesday night at Kalinga University campus. International and National students took part in the event enthusiastically. The programme started with Aarti of Goddess Durga by Registrar Dr Sandeep Gandhi, Chief Proctor Dr. A Vijayanand and Faculty Member namely Dr Smita Premanand and Lt. Vibha Chandrakar, other dignitaries and students of the university. The students formed a big ghera and performed garba dance on the beats of DJ specially played for the event. African students also danced on traditional beats and African beats. All the students and faculties were dressed in the traditional attire Ghagra-Choli and Kurta Pajama. Space cannons were also installed to make the event more attractive. Main attraction of the event was international students who were specially trained for taking part in Garba dance.
Students presented garba based on Choukdi, Chhakri, Chakri, Ghoda along with Garba choriography taught by national level choriographer Shubham Basantwani at Kalinga University campus. It is worth mentioning that two international students of Kalinga University won best performer award recently in Garba Events and made the university proud. This year over 100 international students were given training for Garba dance and traditional attires were also arranged for the students by the Kalinga University. Studnets enjoyed the event and specially organized for them to mark Navratri festival.
As per tradition of Kalinga University the faculties followed dress code for Navratri festival celebration which started from Monday. The faculties were dressed in white attire on the first day of Navratri celebration on Monday. As per tradition faculties followed different colour dress code during nine days celebration of Navratri festival at Kalinga University campus. Dress code for Tuesday was red and on Wednesday Royal Blue colour was the dress code. Similarly for Thursday dress code was yellow, for Friday dress code was Green, Code for Saturday was Grey and Orange colour for Sunday. On second Monday of Navratri dress colour code was peacock green and on the ninth day dress code was Pink. All the faculties and staffs followed the dress code during Navaratri festival celebration in campus. Daily photography sessions were carried out, under the guidance of DSW- Dr. Asha Ambhaikar.