Kalinga University Organizes a Session on Motivation by Ms. Nirmal Kaur (IPS) Retired General of Police, Jharkhand

Raipur (thestates.news)| Parents must appreciate their children for their little achievements they should make them
feel good opined Ms. Nirmal Kaur, (IPS) retired Director General of Police, Jharkhand during a motivational talk specially organized for the faculty members of Kalinga University at auditorium on Thursday.

Dr. Sandeep Gandhi, Registrar of Kalinga University gave welcome speech and welcomed the guest speaker with a potted plant. Ms. Nirmal Kaur shared her experience with the faculties of university during interactive session. She discussed on various issues related to modern life style of young generation. She opined that small children feel most neglected and they get isolated with their other family members. Most of the time they spend time with mobile phone and develop addiction to mobile and internet based applications. Due to small nuclear families children do not get the attention as they get in joint family. Sometime change in children’s behavior is also observed. Parents must interact with the children and try to sort out the issues they are facing.

She further stressed that one must react to anything which they don’t find upto mark at the very time instead of building on pressure which leads to disaster one day. She informed that motivation refers to that intrinsic impulsive desire of an organism, which motivates him to obtain certain goals via directed behaviors. Every person is source of motivation for himself. She stressed that sincere work matters and one should work with sincerity no matter how big or small position a person works in. Feedback plays an important role in motivation. Immediate feedback should be given in precise and correct words. Frustration and anger should not be collected to heap. Accumulation of small frustrations leads to disaster.

Ms. Nirmal Kaur further stressed that motivating people is an easy task. Positivity comes with positive thoughts. Ambience should be created in work place to get good result from staff. One should realiz that he is valued by his work. She also explained on how to utilize
motivation- focus on actual goal directed behavior, create conducive environment, organizations should employ expert resource persons, create self-assessment tools for employees, Channelizing employees God given talents.

She talked about Carrots and stick policy, usually motivation for human beings follows the incentive or punishment rule, Jeremy Bertram had opined that we pursue pleasure and avoid pain, this is witnessed even in human responses. One should know the art to balance the
stress as everyone handles stress differently.

Dr. Gandhi proposed vote of thanks and presented a memento to the guest Ms. Nirmal Kaur Dr. Asha Ambhaikar, Dean Student Welfare, Mr. Rahul Mishra Dean Academic Affairs  Dr. Khushboo Sahoo, Head of Department of Commerce and Management, DSW Team &
large numbers of faculties from other departments were present during the programme.