Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais presides over raj celebrations at Raj Bhavan

Mumbai (thestates.news)| Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais presided over a workshop on ‘Yoga at Workplace’ organised on the occasion of World Health Day at Raj Bhavan Mumbai on Friday (7 April). The workshop was conducted by Ravi Dixit, Joint Director of Kaivalyadhama Yoga institute. 
Noted Cardiac Surgeon Dr Sameer Pagad of Bombay Hospital gave a lecture cum demonstration on ‘Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Technique’ (CPR) on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said it is better to work for preventive healthcare rather than spending on the treatment of diseases later. He said preventive healthcare, especially the practice of yoga can save us from various ailments and lifestyle diseases. Emphasising the importance of positive thinking for stress free living, the Governor applauded the initiative of ‘Yoga at Workspace’ to manage stress and improve efficiency. The Governor joined his officers and staff in performing yoga on the occasion.

Cardiologist Dr Sameer Pagad said 70 per cent of Cardiac arrests occur at home or away from the Hospital. He said a simple CPR technique performed by any person available next to the patient can help us save a precious life.  In this connection, he stressed the need to train students of schools and colleges in the CPR technique. The programme was attended by Dr Dinesh Panjwani, Trustee, Kaivalyadham and officers and staff of Raj Bhavan.