Manipur is legacy issue and Congress is responsible for it: Sambit Parta

New Delhi (| Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday criticized Rahul Gandhi’s visit
to Manipur and alleged that, “The situation in Manipur today is due to legacy issues and Congress is responsible for it”. “It is sad that Rahul Gandhi has gone to Manipur with stubbornness, which is not right. He should have been aware of the ground realities before going there” said BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra here.

BJP spokesperson Patra’s comments came as Rahul Gandhi returned to Imphal after his convoy was stopped at Bishnupur by police.”Sensitivity is far more important than stubbornness. We are a democratic country,” Patra said. Adding that several student unions and women protested the visit of Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leader said that the local administration requested the Congress leader to take a helicopter to visit relief camps in Churachandpur.
“The local administration requested Rahul Gandhi to take a chopper so that there will be no disturbance on the roads due to protests but Rahul Gandhi didn’t agree,” he said. “The conduct of Rahul Gandhi is highly irresponsible,” he added. The northeastern state has been hit by unprecedented violence in recent times from May 3 due to the clashes between the plain-dwelling Meitei community and the Kuki tribe, prevalent in the hill districts.
The violence so far has claimed more than 120 lives, and also resulted in the displacement of several thousands. (UNI)