Members of the Kosgai Dai Fishermen Cooperative Society earn from fisheries alongside agriculture

Committee earned an income of more than Rs. 3 lakh from pisciculture

Raipur ( | Kosgai Dai Fishermen Cooperative Society of Chhurikala village of Katghora development block of the district is conducting pisciculture with the help of departmental schemes. The members of the Fishermen Cooperative Society, who are engaged in the work of pisciculture, are marching towards economic prosperity by becoming self-reliant and even providing employment to others through this work by reaping the benefits of the schemes run by the Government of Chhattisgarh. The members of the committee have turned pisciculture into their primary source of income. They were motivated for this trade by the training and guidance provided by the Fisheries Department, because of which the members of the committee started pisciculture by taking the Bhelwadabra irrigation reservoir in Chhuri on lease. Fish seeds, like rohu, catla, mrigal, and grass carp, are collected in the reservoir by the committee.
   Mr. Atmaram Kenwat, Chairman of Dai Mahua Cooperative Society, said that the economic condition of the members of the society is improving after they have joined fisheries, because of which they have additional means of income. He said that the department has provided them with a grant of Rs 3 lakh under the scheme, and materials like fish seeds, chatjal, ice boxes, etc. have also been made available as accessories. Along with this, necessary training was also provided to them from time to time. The members of the committee were excited after getting fish seeds and nets and started taking an interest in pisciculture, which is reaping positive results. Along with their daily work, the committee is also taking care of fisheries responsibly. They are looking after the cleanliness of the reservoir, fish feed, and maintenance of the reservoir regularly. Mr. Atmaram said that after joining the scheme, he has so far produced more than 3000 kg of fish and earned more than Rs. 3 lakh.