Modi suspects “foul play & big conspiracy” in Naveen’s worsening health condition

Baripada(Odisha),( Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday suspected “foul play and big conspiracy” in the deteriorating health condition of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik during the last one year.
Addressing an election meeting here , Modi said when the BJP government in Odisha will be formed on June 10, it will constitute a Special committee to probe what is happening with his health condition and why there is a sudden deteriorating health condition of Naveen ji.

The Prime Minister questioned whether those trying to usurp the administration of Odisha are behind this conspiracy? Modi said the well-wishers of Naveen babu are openly saying his health condition is deteriorating very fast and he is not in a position to do anything.  He said the people of Odisha have the rights to know the health condition of the Chief Minister, adding that the real truth behind his worsening health must be unravelled.

The Prime Minister further questioned whether the lobby which is enjoying power in his name from the backdoor is not involved in his worsening health condition? An inquiry is a must to find out his health condition, Modi remarked  (UNI)