Modi’s campaign has gone astray: Pawan Khera

Mumbai  (| Congress leader Pawan Khera on Friday punctured holes into BJP’s star campaigner’s run in the ongoing election process severely criticising PM Narendra Modi’s campaign that he said has lost steam and gone astray. The AICC’s Chairman of Media and Publicity Department, Khera, did not mince words as he ridiculed Modi’s campaign for lack of issue and direction and emphasised the prime minister’s dire need to polarise on the basis of religion.

Addressing a press conference at Tilak Bhavan here, Khera said that Modi has created controversies whenever he has spoken in the last four legs of the Lok Sabha elections and in the run-up to the fifth phase, and that is only because “there is no report card of 10 years of his work, BJP has nothing to tell people about their achievements”.

Khera advised PM Modi to take proper medication as he is suffering memory loss from time to time. He said everyday Modi says he will not use Hindu-Muslim rhetoric during his campaign, but immediately next day his speech is laced with everything about pitting Hindus against Muslims.Ridiculing, the PM’s ongoing interview campaigns across several media channels, Khera said: “Modi is currently on an interview spree but what he is saying in these interviews is making me roll out on the floor with laughter.”

Comparing Modi’s interviews to standup comedian Kapil Sharma’s shows, Khera said Modi has made a laughing stock of the position of India’s Prime Minister. Taking a dig at the prime minister, Khera said: “Here speaks a man of ending the Gaza conflict and the Ukraine Russia war, who could not go to Manipur. “Even he did not dare to take the name of Manipur, but in his interviews make tall talks about stopping the war in Ukraine, and boasts momentary relief in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan.”

Attacking PM Modi for making fun of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as “Shahzade”, Khera said while Rahul Gandhi is not a prince but a willing martyr, it is Union Minister Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah who is the prince of the country. He said: “BJP is a real piecemeal gang that has split two parties in Maharashtra and people have not liked it at all.”

Khera said that INDIA Aghadi will win 35 seats in Maharashtra, where the fifth and final phase of the general election will be held on May 20.(UNI)