Monumental National Flag hoisted at Puri

Raipur (thestates.news): Hon’ble Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal hoisted a Mammoth 36 ft x 24 ft Tiranga on a 108 ft high monumental flagpole installed by Flag Foundation of India (FFoI) at Batagaon Chhak, Puri town.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal profusely praised Flag Foundation of India and its president Mr. Naveen Jindal for installing monumental flags across the country for arousing the spirit of patriotism among Indians. Installing the National Flag at Puri, the land of Lord Jagannath, is synonymous to the universal brotherhood and peace that the Tiranga stands for, he added.

FFoI’s President Shri Naveen Jindal said, “Tiranga is a pride of all Indians. It is above political, social or religious affiliation. Flag Foundation of India is constantly making its effort to inspire all Indians, especially the youths to take pride in displaying the National Flag. I hope this monumental flag will add colors to the beautiful skyline of Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath. Every day, thousands of devotees and tourists visit Puri and this monumental flag will be another place of attraction for them”.

Mr Jindal paid his tributes to the Martyrs Sri Jayee Rajguru, Sri Chakhi Khuntia and Freedom Fighters  Panchasakha and others from Puri and spoke about his decade long struggle to give the rights of flying the national flag with dignity to each Citizen of the Country.

The monumental flagpole has been installed in collaboration with the National Highways Authority of India and Puri District Administration. A District Police team equipped with a Police band conducted the raising of the monumental National flag of 36 x 24 ft to the peak of the Pole of 108 ft.

About Flag Foundation of India (FFOI)

The Flag Foundation of India was set up as a registered society under the Societies Registration Act of 1980, a non-profit body on 3rd June 2003. Shri Naveen Jindal won a decade long legal battle when the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India delivered the historic judgement on 23rd January 2004 enabling all Indians to display the National Flag with respect, dignity and honor thus becoming a fundamental right of every citizen. Inspired by the judgment, the ‘Flag Foundation of India’ was established by Shri Naveen Jindal and Smt Shallu Jindal with a vision to popularize the display of the Tiranga by more and more Indians, with a great sense of pride.

Installation of monumental flag is part of FFOI’s sustained endeavor to inspire Indians to take pride in displaying the National Flag and build a relationship of today’s youth with the Tricolor.

Tiranga is a symbol, that unites us in diversity; It serves as a great source of inspiration for countless Indians, spread across the globe, bringing laurels to the country in whatever field they are. In an endeavor to promote the use of the national flag by the general public, the Foundation has been organizing talks on the subject, has released books on the National Flag as well as CD/DVDs of patriotic songs rendered by noted singers of India. Flag Foundation has also organized several Tiranga runs in Delhi and Haryana and has installed more than 100 monumental flags across India.