More Gurukuls needed to protect India’s cultural heritage: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi (| Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh called for setting up more Gurukuls in the country, to not only provide modern education, but also protect India’s moral and cultural heritage. At a time when moral values are deteriorating due to imitation of foreign culture, Gurukuls must come forward to provide modern education while incorporating moral values among the youth, Mr Singh said.

He was speaking at the foundation stone laying of ‘Gurukulam Evam Acharyakulam’ at Swami Darshanand Gurukul Mahavidyalay in Haridwar, on Saturday, an official statement said. The Minister said, “About 1,000-1,500 years ago, there were many big universities in this country, wherein the Gurukul tradition was prevalent. After that, the country saw foreign invaders nearly destroying that system. They, in turn, developed a system which provided education to our youth, not in accordance with the country’s cultural spirit. Indian culture was portrayed as inferior. This feeling not only affected us politically but also mentally.

During that time, Swami Darshanand ji established this Gurukul which has been illuminating our young generations since then”. Referring to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, he voiced the Government’s resolve to inculcate moral values in the young ignited minds right from primary education.

“The new education policy is being implemented in many educational institutions across the country.
The process is long as no change in the educational system takes place suddenly. Gurukuls can play a very important role in this long process,” he added. Rajnath exhorted the Gurukuls to advance in the areas of emerging and cutting edge technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum technology, along with traditional education, in sync with today’s constantly-evolving times. “Develop such technologies that will make the nation a leader in this field.

Gurukuls should act as a guide for other educational institutions. In the times to come, they should once again represent the country & its culture, and become the new identity of India,” Singh said.

Highlighting the efforts being made by the Government, led by PM Narendra Modi, towards cultural upliftment, the Defence Minister said, “Infrastructural development from Kashi Vishwanath corridor & Mahakaleshwar Dham to Ram Mandir shows that the Government is working towards the preservation of our cultural heritage and its upliftment.
The idea goes beyond cultural preservation, so that our future generations can be proud of the culture of this great country. Gurukuls can play a major role in this direction”. He also made special mention about Yoga and how the ancient Indian practice has been followed by the entire world due to its benefits. (UNI)