More than 1000 cataract surgery performed in Mana Civil Hospital

  • Team of 35 members including 6 surgeons engaged in eye examination and surgery
  • Target to make Chhattisgarh Cataract-Blindness Free State by 2025

Raipur ( Cataract-Blindness Free Chhattisgarh campaign, more than one thousand cataract operations have been performed in Civil Hospital Mana. A team of 35 health personnel including six ophthalmologists (eye surgeons), one physician, six ophthalmic assistant officers and 22 paramedical staff are working to perform cataract operations and eye examinations. The eye examination is conducted in Mana Civil Hospital from 8 am to 4 pm on official working days.

The state government has set a target to make Chhattisgarh a cataract-blindness free state by the year 2025. Around four lakh people suffering from cataracts have been listed and their operation has also started in all the districts. Health workers, mitanins and Anganwadi workers prepare a list of visually impaired patients. Ophthalmic assistant officers after confirming the patients based on the list prepared in the selected development blocks marked the patient to perform the cataract operation.

Mana Civil Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital and has better facilities for an eye examination, treatment and operations. So far, 1001 patients have been successfully operated for cataracts and other eye diseases in the hospital. Of these, 202 patients were also suffering from diabetes and hypertension, and they have been operated after managing these health parameters. A 90-year-old man with cataract has also been successfully operated in this hospital. More facilities for eye treatment will be expanded soon in the hospital.

State Nodal Officer for Blindness Prevention Program Dr. Subhash Mishra informed that continuous efforts are being made to make Chhattisgarh a Cataract Blindness Free State. The patients are being treated through the state-of-the-art “Phaco” (Phacoemulsification) technology of cataract treatment which makes cataract surgery a safe and effective surgical procedure. In this method, a surgeon makes a small incision and then creates an opening. A small ultrasonic probe is used to break the cloudy lens into tiny fragments and then suctioned out of the capsule. After the lens particles are removed, an intraocular lens implant is implanted and positioned into the lens’s natural capsule through the tiny corneal incision. Once the lens is pushed through, it unfolds and is positioned in place.

Dr. Mishra said that a team of 35 health personnel including six ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) are working in Mana Civil Hospital for eye examination and operations. They follow a schedule in which they perform special screening for glaucoma on Monday, for retina on Thursday and check-ups of eye disease in children on Saturday. A ‘Green Laser’ facility for retinal disorders is also available in the hospital. 22 eye patients from Raipur and other districts have also been treated here and free transportation is made available to these patients. Free medicines and spectacles are also being provided to the patients along with regular follow-ups after the operation.