MPs creating ruckus undermine dignity of House: Lok Sabha Speaker

New Delhi( : While disciplining the Opposition members who were creating a ruckus on the issue of inflation, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday, said the House is for discussion, not for sloganeering. He said that the members who are creating a ruckus by coming to the Well are lowering the dignity of the House.

As soon as the Question Hour began in the Lok Sabha, members of the Congress and several other Opposition parties came to the Well and raised slogans against inflation. The uproar members were demanding a discussion on the issue of inflation by postponing the Question Hour. The Opposition members also had placards in their hands, which they were waving.

Angered by the conduct of the members, Birla bluntly said that the House is for discussion not for sloganeering.

Birla urged the slogan-shouting members to return to the seat, saying that the public has not sent them by electing them to show placards and raise slogans. In the nectar of independence, people expect discussion and dialogue from us. The Lok Sabha Speaker said that he is ready to give time as per procedure for discussion on the subjects. He said that he was ready to allow the members to raise every issue during the Zero Hour. If the members stop the commotion and return to their seats, they will definitely get a chance.(HS)