Mukhyamantri Haat Bazaar Clinic Yojana improving healthcare services in remote areas of Jashpur District

Over 6.6 lakh beneficiaries benefit from the scheme thus far

Raipur ( |Chhattisgarh Government’s ambitious ‘Mukhyamantri Haat Bazaar Clinic Yojana’ is making significant strides in enhancing healthcare access for rural residents in remote regions of Jashpur district. The scheme aims to provide improved healthcare facilities to individuals who face challenges due to geographical isolation.

Under this initiative, individuals visiting the local ‘haat bazaars’ are offered health screenings for various conditions including diabetes, blood pressure, malaria, and other ailments. Furthermore, they receive free medications to address their health concerns. In cases where patients require advanced medical attention, they are promptly referred to higher-level hospitals for specialized care.

The implementation of this scheme has been particularly advantageous for the general public, who are often occupied with regular household responsibilities. Those facing time constraints or limited access to healthcare centers greatly benefit from this initiative, as it brings healthcare services closer to their doorstep.

Health Department Officials stated that mobile medical units have conducted 7,072 health camps in a total of 112 haat bazaars, facilitating health check-ups for a significant number of rural residents. Through these efforts, the scheme has successfully extended essential healthcare services to nearly 6,06,422 beneficiaries in Jashpur district thus far. Overall, the scheme is instrumental in bridging the healthcare gap in remote areas, ensuring that the rural populace receives timely medical attention and necessary treatments.