Mukhyamantri School Jatan Yojana: Over 242 schools in Balrampur gets facelift

Chief Minister’s initiative to improve schooling for students

Raipur ( |’Mukhyamantri School Jatan Yojana’ initiated by Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, marks a significant step towards refurbishing school buildings across the state. Strengthening the school infrastructure is crucial to providing better education for students. Well-equipped school buildings create a conducive environment for learning, reducing mental stress, and encouraging academic growth. The scheme focuses not only on renovating and modernizing school buildings but also includes the construction of additional classrooms.

The transformation and renovation of schools, as envisioned by Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, will provide an optimistic atmosphere for children’s education. The District Education Officer informed that a total of 1662 schools in the district have been identified for renovation and refurbishment under this scheme, with 242 schools already undergoing renovation. The initiative includes repairing roofs, tiling, painting of walls, and restoration of sanitary facilities in schools, along with overall aesthetic improvements.

The coloring and painting work in schools are being carried out using natural paint made from cow dung by women groups. Earlier, school buildings were in deteriorating conditions, but now, due to the Chief Minister’s initiative, they are undergoing significant improvements. This not only ensures the safety of children but also enhances the quality of education provided. The government has approved Rs 8.09 crores for the district’s renovation and refurbishment of 1662 schools under this scheme, with Rs 1.07 crores allocated for the first and second phases of renovation for 242 schools.