Nanihaal celebrates ‘Shri Ramlala Praan Pratishtha’ in Ayodhya with grandeur, says CM Vishnu Dev Sai

Chief Minister reached Akashvani Chowk for ‘Mahabhog’ and ‘Prasad’ program and ‘Darshan’ of Kali Maa

 Shri Sai distributed Mahabhog to visually impaired children

 Letters of Devotees addressed to Shri Ram will be sent to Ayodhya

Raipur ( |  Chhattisgarh, being the ‘Nanihaal’ of Shri Ram, is celebrating ‘Shri Ramlala Praan Pratishtha’ in Ayodhya with grandeur and fervour. There is a festive atmosphere across the state.  The celebration started from the day of Makar Sankranti and continued till the historic day of Praan Pratistha i.e. January 22, said Chief Minister today in his address to ‘Mahabhog’ and ‘Prasadi’ program organized at Akashvani Chowk, Raipur. This program was organized on the auspicious occasion of ‘Shri Ramlala Praan Pratishtha’. After reaching Akashwani Chowk, Chief Minister performed the customary rituals at Maa Mahakali temple. Chief Minister performed aarti of Maa Kali and offered laddus.  On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Sai was weighed with laddus.
 Chief Minister distributed ‘Mahabhog’ to the visually impaired children of the National Association for the Blind School.
 Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai said in his address that yesterday was a historic day for all of us. He said that Mata Shabari is also mentioned in Ramayana and her ashram is in Shivrinarayan.  Mata Shabari was a forest dweller. She waited for Shri Ram for years, and her patience and devotion was rewarded with the presence of Shri Ram himself.  When Shri Ram visited her, Mata Shabari fed him berries on the holy land of Shivrinarayan.  The same way, the long wait of the devotees is finally over and the idol of Shri Ramlala has been placed with ‘Praan Pratishtha’ in the magnificent temple of Ayodhya.
 Chief Minister further said that under the aegis of the Youth Club, devotees are expressing their feelings for Shri Ram through letters.  These letters will be collected and taken to Ayodhya Dham.  On this occasion, while giving information about Prabhu Shri Ramlala Darshan Scheme, Chief Minister said that the residents of Nanihal will be given darshan of Shri Ram’s birthplace in Ayodhya Dham at government expense.