Narva Development: Irrigation and sanitation facilities are now accessible through Khari Nala

Embankment dam constructed in Bhauta provides irrigation over 100 acres

Raipur ( Under the ‘Suraji Gaon Yojana’ operated by the state government, an embankment dam worth approximately Rs one crore has been constructed in the Khari Nala of the Manendragarh Forest Division as part of the Narva Development programme. The construction of this dam has resulted in an increase in the water level in forest areas and the creation of irrigation facilities over an area of 100 acres. Additionally, people in the forest region now have access to improved facilities for drinking water, irrigation, and sanitation.

It is worth mentioning that a dam with a width of 210 meters and a height of 10 meters has been constructed in the Khari Nala of the village panchayat Bhauta under the Manendragarh forest division, at a total cost of Rs one crore. Its catchment area is 55.00 hectares. As a result of the construction of this dam, approximately 40 families from nearby villages are now directly benefiting, including 5 marginal and 35 small farmers who will be irrigating a total of 100 acres of land. The construction of water conservation structures will also lead to an increase in the water level in the surrounding areas and forest areas, resulting in reforestation and an increase in forest density, as well as ensuring drinking water for wildlife. Other families will also be able to engage in livelihood activities such as fish farming. Gauthan has been built adjacent to the constructed dam, which will be beneficial for livestock.