NITI Aayog lauds initiative of ‘Bastar Food Firm’ and preparation of various food products using Mahua in Dantewada

Raipur  (The States. news) NITI Aayog has lauded the initiative of Forest produce-based ‘Bastar Food Firm’ run by local tribal women of Bastar besides appreciating the initiative of producing various food products from Mahua undertaken in the aspirational Dantewada district. In a tweet on its official handle, NITI Aayog has mentioned about the Bastar Food Firm started in Bastar district and importance of Mahua in tribal economy. “#DYK, in #AspirationalDistrict Dantewada, Mahua is an integral part of the tribal economy? It is a sweet flower that possesses nutritional & medicinal qualities. Using #Mahua, several products are developed in the district, such as ladoos, tea, jams, jelly & cookies”, the tweet said.

Meanwhile, various food items like ‘ladoos’, tea, jams, jellies and cookies are being made from Mahua in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. The tweet also has a picture of women preparing Mahua products in the kitchen maintaining the hygiene standards.

In yet another tweet NITI Aayog has appreciated the initiative of ‘Bastar Food Firm’. “Bastar Food Firm in #AspirationalDistrict Bastar aims to make people aware of the health benefits of food products that come from Jungles. It has helped generate livelihood opportunities for the tribal communities & empowered #women to become self reliant”, said the tweet. The tweet also has a picture of women preparing food items in this forest produce-based food firm.