Nitish Kumar Govt in Bihar wins trust vote in Assembly

Mumbai  (| The Nitish Kumar government in Bihar won the vote of confidence in the Assembly on Monday. After head count, Assembly Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hajari announced the result and 129 votes went in favour of the trust motion and no vote against the motion due to a walk out by the opposition members led by the RJD.

Earlier, soon after the no confidence motion passed against the Assembly Speaker, Kumar moved the confidence motion to seek the trust of the house for his government.During the motion, three RJD legislators namely Prahlad Yadav, Neelam Devi and Chetan Anand crossed over to the treasury benches and were seen sitting on the side of ruling party legislators. All

the three MLAs voted in support of the Treasury benches during both the motions.Earlier the motion was passed with voice vote but later on the request of the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the voting was conducted. Meanwhile expressing their resentment against the Chief Minister, the entire opposition including the RJD walked out of the house when Nitish Kumar was addressing the members.(UNI)